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Hi Love,

It’s great that you are here and connected with me…

Let this work transform your relationship with yourself, with others, your life, your health and your lifestyle, finding true wisdom that is ALIVE!

It’s Magical, Limitless and full of Love…

We are whole and magnificent beings in this beautiful life journey. But we don’t live our lives from this reality. The reason for this, we are caught up in habits of automatic reactions, running away from the painful and chasing after the pleasurable. It’s our compulsive cycles. We are refusing to be present, because we are seduced, entertained, mesmerised or frightened by the future and the past, carried along in the stream of events or patterns of our reactions or numbness, if not obsessing about the things that are urgent while losing touch at the same time with what is actually important, in fact vital for our own wellbeing.

We are not aware of the reality of ourselves and not conscious enough to trace what’s really happening in the present moment. The simple yet subtle truth about us is that we are here to have self-awareness, know ourselves, learn to be present and to live a happy and healthy life, instead of missing the whole show.

The question is how will you start living your real life?

Starting from recognising that this is not the way to live your life and deciding to make changes. You will start from where you are. It’s never too late.

Yes, it is possible to come to some degree of peace within the body and mind and so find the greater health, wellbeing, happiness and clarity, even in the midst of great challenges and difficulties. Simply “paying attention” can create a transformation in your life.

We are living in a world that is already constructed in our brain. We feel, behave, think, remember, but these are happening in our unconscious mind without us being aware of it. You eat an apple without feeling or tasting the apple or you walk down the street without seeing many details or you can have your children and go for years without really seeing them because you are only seeing your thoughts about them, coloured by your expectations or your fears. This is the same for any of your relationships. How about your decisions? You think that this leather bag is better than the other one and pay thousands of dollars more for it. You can taste two types of fish and think that one is better than the other, when they are physically the same. What you don’t consider is in the moment of decision, your brain has already evaluated the price and the brand, perhaps one of them reminds you of the picnic you had with your family in your childhood, other than the taste of the chemical composition. Do you think you made that decision? No, it’s the implicit aspect of life.

If you ever try to tell yourself, “I will be conscious in the next 5 minutes,” you will see immediately that thoughts are running through your mind without your conscious effort. Most of us spend our days without being disturbed by the idea “what am I thinking in this moment”. During the unconscious hours of the day, we make many decisions about what to do, what to say, how to feel, what to get etc. Even a simple action like deciding what you are going to have this morning for breakfast; you think that you decide what to eat, but in reality you do not! All our decisions are conditioned and stored in the 3 pounds of organ that is our brain. Our brain is processing thousands of pieces of information with every step we take, think or do without us being aware. You would be amazed if you were able to trace back into the web of neurones in your brain. It’s mostly unknown how the brain does this; it’s still too complex.

Our unconscious mind is active, purposeful, independent and powerful. However, the unconscious parts of us can lead us to find the conscious and their unity can dissolve this complex existence!

The idea that we are not aware of the cause of much of our behaviours can be difficult to accept, but it’s true. We know all of this from current revolutions in Neuroscience. Scientists can measure and map neural activity that forms a person’s thoughts and also understand how much such experiences cause physical changes in the brain. When we feel bored, numb, worried, irritated, restless, angry, fearful, stressed, they all cause changes, not only in the mind, but also in the body and the brain. That’s why our liberation should come, not from discarding any part of us or anything, but connecting, embracing, including and involving and by seeing one in two. We can do this, we can use our conscious mind to recognise our cognitive illusions and ongoing upset mood. You can do this by letting yourself see that “Things are neither good nor bad”.

I mostly hear the same perspective from my daughter after we chat. She uses the perspective as if it’s her own. That’s how we learn. Some major things, get hard wired in our brain over time and structures our way of thinking; I believe that serves us well and makes us feel safe and secure. Each piece of data becomes rigid in our mind. Under this automatic rigid thinking and reacting (for survival), we feel a constant conflict and restlessness. This conflict is constantly there (you may call this stress) because it comes from our right brain and also our bodies which are both free from identification. It’s not because they create the conflict but because they are against something unreal. This information can be taken as an opportunity and used beneficially.

The brain can alter itself through plasticity with changes such as the modification of neural connections. By knowing your own reality, you can enhance awareness, engagement and potentially increase wellness. Focusing and training the mind can have a very powerful impact on the structure and function of the brain. It modulates hormones that have powerful effects on virtually every system in the body.

This is the physical reality for us. But, how are you going to create awareness, engagement and connection with your real self? You can start by recognising the habitual behavior in yourself and by considering that the way you behave and think is absolutely NORMAL.

Researchers have suggested that when it comes to understanding our feelings, we human beings have an odd mix of low ability and high confidence. You might feel certain that you bought that car because it led you to save some money, but perhaps you were really more interested in the greater prestige. When we ask someone or ourselves “Why are you working there?” or “Why do you feel attracted to her?” or “Why did you prefer this brand? Or “Why do you feel irritated?” or “Is he a good person?”, we think that we know how we are feeling. We are unconscious as to the origin of the idea, so we come up with plausible explanations that are not accurate or true. That’s what scientists who study such errors of thinking and feeling have said. Studies show that the left hemisphere of the brain generated many false reports. This might be because of a constructed world view, but, our right brain didn’t! Most of us are satisfied with our decisions and theories about ourselves and accept them with confidence, but we rarely go on a discovery within ourselves to test these theories. And that’s where the conflict starts in us!

As Pink Floyd said, “There is someone in my head, but it’s not me”.

Imagine, you are in the habit of believing what you think and from this you do something to solve a challenging problem that you are facing! It all happens because you rarely observe your inner dialog with clarity and validity.

A diligent work toward self-observation of “who do you think you are” can achieve amazing results in your life. The key for this complex and sensitive work is: SELF LOVE!

What SELF LOVE can give you?

  • It can give you an inner view with vulnerability and an observation of yourself without judgment.
  • It can lead you to know who you really are.
  • It can open the door to see the true value of life.
  • It can make you prioritise yourself and choose to be happy & healthy
  • It can transform you in your best interest; being loving, kind, grateful and joyful.
  • It can give you a lifetime of freedom by leading you to be mindful and still.
  • It can create connectedness by leading you to acceptance of yourself and others.
  • It can connect you with everything in life.

“You are not your history, not what you inherited, not what everyone thinks about you, not your life circumstances, not what you think about yourself. You will discover yourself with your own capacity and awareness, then this will be your own life”.

Here is what my work is all about:



Falling in love with yourself will fill you with wisdom and power; celebrating your life will make you enjoy every part of your life, with all of your senses, so that you can connect with your ALIVENESS, be present, be attentive to what’s here. The authentic and intimate life that you deserve is here now, waiting for you to join in…

I can lead you to reconnect with yourself and find the peace which you already have in you. That’s all you need, the rest is up to you. You have infinite potential in front of you, to play and enjoy your life as a powerful and peaceful being. There is a way to do it love, just with Love.


Your life is so precious and you have moments to live…


Close your eyes, Fall in love, Stay there…’

The body and the mind are inseparable. They are all you have as a form, they are your vehicle, and you can’t exclude either of them. They both need to be treated well. This needs to come from your love and caring. For this reason, you are going to nurture both your body and your mind in this work. I want you to get in touch with your own nature and fall in love with yourself and make the best effort to feel your aliveness.

Treating yourself in the best way means: nurturing and listening to yourself, clearing your mind, focusing your attention, slowing down, spending time with yourself, relaxing your mind and body, being aware of your senses, exercising, breathing deeply, feeding yourself with whole food, cooking delicious food for yourself and serving your food beautifully – as if you are cooking and serving it to your new love! Now is the time to impress yourself! You have been distant from yourself. Now is the time to just enjoy your own company.

It’s a matter of re-connecting with your true self! When you are connected with yourself, you create more and you are much more productive. You give yourself a chance to be inspired. When you connect with your higher intelligence (consciousness), it brings you amazing opportunities to grow in your life. You interpret life differently than before. You are happy, grounded and confident. You don’t see the happiness as a satisfaction of life only that it is all conditioned! You no longer need anything from the outside to make you happy. You have no major inner conflicts. You feel the peace inside you and you are in balance. Whatever life brings you, you are open to receive it and turn it into a peace within you.

This starts with your body and mind awareness. It will take your attention from outside to yourself. When you connect with your aliveness through your body and mind, you turn in to yourself; you will have a different perspective from outside. You will be aware of your attachments and also the effects they have on your life. Furthermore, you will find a loving and gentle way to nurture yourself.

It’s a matter of reconnecting with your own being and knowing who you really are.

To do that, you need knowledge! What you know about yourself needs to be revised. You are perfectly able to work and reach that knowledge within you. This may not be a short cut for you. The other option, you may work with someone who has been on the same road and they can give you a map of the road so that you can begin with and put you back on the track when you wander off course. Both of them are perfectly ok. It’s your life, your decision.

But, one thing I know very well, you will get there sooner or later. 


Be you, the real YOU, be passionate, have adventures – and be happy with simple things, without looking for reasons, or striving for an outcome. Do your best while you are here and ALIVE!. When I say this, I am not talking about buying things to try and make yourself happy, or working very hard –letting your responsibilities, job or business take over your life – or sitting all day in front of a computer or iPad, spending time on social media. I am talking about getting into LIFE! Be social with people face to face, smile at them even when they are strangers, let your light shine around you, have great and real conversations with people not the stereotypical dialogs, listen to them. Go for a walk, have a picnic, watch the sun rise, breath deeply and be grateful for your aliveness, cuddle more, laugh more, have more fun. Feel intimate with everyone in your life by sharing moments and creating memories together. This is the time when you put the world aside and share intimate moments with yourself and others. Then, there will be a big change in your life; you will connect with your aliveness!

These are great practices for you to get in touch with your own true nature. There is a real Joy in those moments, a different joy that doesn’t need anything. It’s whole…so are you!

Live your life now, not tomorrow.Don’t postpone your life…

Don’t spend all your time in this moment making the future better.

 Live in the NOW!

The peace you are looking for is in the NOW!

This is where my teachings will take you… ALIVENESS and PEACE.

I am a SELF-LOVE Mentor. I will guide you toward your origin reality where you can fall in love with yourself and celebrate life!

I often ask people questions….We usually start with, how are you? In this conversation even a simple question can make you feel small. But if we question, we can find what’s underneath, you will consider totally different areas of your life while looking for solutions that seem far away.

Sometimes the reason for you to feel small, unhappy and discontent can be ‘missing the motivation or will’ that has roots somewhere in your mind.

Let’s say you want to lose weight but whatever you try, it doesn’t work for you.

The answers to these questions are not always the obvious ones – and solutions for what you see on the surface may only last for a short time.

That’s the reason most diets don’t work! We are too busy looking at the symptoms, instead of being busy looking for where the symptoms come from and solving the real issues.

Sometimes the question will be different, you might ask why? -when you suddenly lose your job, your marriage ends, you lose someone you love or after you put all your investments into your business, it doesn’t take off or your scan results are positive and you have cancer, or you are a lost soul, you feel like you can’t fit in.

There is a resistance in you that creates the issues.

I know, it’s so hard to accept…those life events you experience are forms of your fears and wrong beliefs about yourself. You have those experiences for a reason, that is for you to let go…let go of whatever does not belong to you, to your true nature or identifies you.

There is a scientific fact in Quantum Psychics . We are the creator of our own life events! Doesn’t matter if we are conscious or unconscious. Physicists discovered that “Reality does not exist if you are not looking at it”.

There is a way of living by knowing who you really are! This will be the end of your suffering.
I can show you this reality by pointing out the root of your fear and you will find out how you create resistance in your life. More over, I can show you every time your mind (ego) bounces back so that you can recognise your ego’s voice.

That’s one reason why you need a Mentor. To clean out the resistance in you, so that you can start to reconnect with your inner BLISS.

Another reason to have a Mentor is:

Sometimes you need someone to ask the real questions, when you are just too busy with your own thoughts and you can’t think clearly.

Sometimes you say things to yourself but you can’t hear them. You just need to say them louder and you will start to hear your own voice.

Sometimes you know the answers, but you can’t confess the truth to yourself. Perhaps you are actually benefiting from a difficult situation and that’s why you are resistant to change.

Sometimes you know the answer but you need to hear someone else say that you are right to feel the way you feel. It makes a difference when you hear someone else say that you deserve better!

I can help you with your strengths, your weaknesses, your positive and negative talk to yourself, your successes and failures, your relationship with yourself and others, your goals, your dreams, your lifestyle, your health, your diet, your spiritual growth. It’s about how you see yourself and how you interpret the world around you.

Perhaps you have been carrying around a feeling of discomfort about yourself and your life for a while now, a discomfort that hurts you and your body and maybe even the people around you… and the problems started because you attached and identified yourself with the things that are outside of you.

You can’t separate yourself from the things that you are doing, you become stuck under your titles and roles, your needs that say who you should be, or what you should be doing. You hesitate to say the things that you want to say, you hesitate to grab what you deserve, you lose your own voice. Your voice turns to resentment and anger builds up inside you, for yourself and others. It feels so heavy carrying it every day of your life that you end up with no energy. You feel tired, maybe you become an emotional eater, and you find it hard to put a smile on your face. And yes, it gets harder when you start to convince yourself that you are not good enough, you don’t deserve, or that there is something wrong with you. The result: you are lost!! That’s what happens when you push yourself too far and become conditioned to a way of being where you don’t like or love yourself. When this happens, you separate yourself from your being. It becomes a gap between your true self and your mind that grows day by day.

know it’s going to sound crazy, but that ‘discomfort’ feeling is the best thing that can happen to you! That feeling leads you to look for answers, and starting the search for answers is one of the best moves of your life.

And do you know what?

Actually, there is nothing wrong with you!


You are here because you have questions that need answers – or because you need someone to talk to and open yourself up to. A gentle listener that can be with you, listen to you and understand how you feel.

A friend who can help you to clear the way ahead and achieve your hearts wish to have the best  life possible.


This is your experience, this is your growth, this is your life and everything is already perfect! Your journey is going amazingly well and even if you could go back one day, you wouldn’t want to change any bit of it.

You are at the right stage love, stepping out to be here, looking for some direction.


It’s all about YOU now… relax and let go…

You deserve the best!

Now that you are here with me, that’s great! Whatever the reason, or whatever you are looking for, that brings you on to this page. There is no coincidence in life! Everthing will be sorted when you make time for yourself and have the intention to let the process begin!

My work is with YOU!

Not with the things that you are trying to do or to get or any other person in your life, including your children. After we spend time together, you will see your own potential and what you can create in your life, and all the un-known doors will start to open for you, everything will make sense in your life…

My intention is to highlight the very important things in your life.

To help you to see what really matters to you, and to help you create a simple, happy, healthy and peaceful life for yourself. The rest is up to you: a big playground to play in, achieve and have fun.

Then the opportunities will be endless. More than you can imagine. I will guide you to become the master interpreter of your life.


It sounds magical, doesn’t it? And so it is – you will feel magical by the end. Do you know why? Because you will remember the days before you felt the power in you, and you will realise the difference compared to how you look at yourself now. The changes in your mind are magical when you have the right guidance!

There is a way to do it love… !

Just with Love!

Practicing ‘SELF-LOVE’ and connecting the power within you will let you make your hearts wish happen. Then everything will turn around in your life! You will be free from most of your suffering and worries, free from your defences, security needs and emotional needs, free from most of your limited capacity and so free from most of your own resistance.

When I say being FREE, I do not mean that you are avoiding yourSELF or your situation, that would be total ignorance of your state as a human being! When you have the understanding about the nature of your functioning, acceptance will arise in you, and you will be free “in stages”.

This is ‘acceptance of your mind’ even though you know it’s limiting you when you run from it.

Although everything indicates a ‘faulty mind’, we can’t live without our mind and we can’t perceive without our mind.

Our mind is a necessary tool for us. By using both conscious and unconscious part of our mind, we can find the peace in life no matter what!

Yes, you can find the peace by loving and accepting who you are now. You can open your heart to its widest and accept what it is.

This is your freedom, this is a celebration of your life!

You will be in peace wherever you are or whoever you are… !

That will be your new way of living!

Let me show you the way…

Let me show your resistant self  to you and clean up 10, 15, 20 years of clutter, so that you can feel alive and be here, in the NOW. I want you to be grounded, wiser and peaceful. I want you to be a light, so that others can get your light and shine like you.

I know very well how it feels to be where you are in your life right now…

(Read my story here…) 

I am here to guide you to the way your being and from there to SELF LOVE…

Just join me…