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“Love is the bridge between you and everything”

This workshop is going to question how you live within yourself?
It will reconnect you with your own nature, which is present, open, peaceful and joyful.

There is a way of living wholeheartedly, unconditionally and free. You can transcend your emotions and move beyond. There is a way to get in touch with your own being and reach the real you by ignoring the conditional mind. That feels unbelievable. You can find yourself in such a loving and blissful existence. This is your true nature.

Yes, you can have a blissful life and you can do this by just being YOU. This is an invitation to remember how to live your life.

The mind creates the abyss and the heart crosses it.
All you need is already within you. Make love of yourself perfect.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Our mind disconnects us from the reality of ourselves, our body, outside, others and nature.

We suffer in many ways and feel bad about ourselves. We feel limited, powerless and not living the life we want, because our mind is programmed with a false belief about self. We are what we believe.

We have an evolutionary purpose to find who we are. That’s the reason we are in life and then life will become real for those who can experience this. The only way to experience who you are is perceiving the opposite of yourself. That’s exactly where we are now. That’s why we suffer.

Do you know who you really are?

Do you know the reality of yourself?

What we learn by now, tells us to be intellectual, logical, and follow other’s footprints to be safe and to fit the world’s view. This obviously didn’t make us happy and healthy. The world is unhappier and unhealthier than ever before.

Do you think where we are now in the world is accidental?

Can you sense sometimes life is trying to tell us something through occasions and life events? Even your physical health is 100% connected to your belief system.

If you want to experience your own truth, then you need to get in touch with your feelings, your thoughts and your body which all make you a human being.

Everything in your life is created by you. There is no accident about anything. Your inner energy creates your life. So what you believe about yourself is holding you where you are now.

“Life is giving you exactly what you need. Feel grateful.”

We believe that the voice in our head is us. We become slaves to our mind by repeating the same patterns in our emotional history. We have lost contact with “what’s real “and “what’s here” by living in the wired memory. We have also lost the contact with ourselves, our hearts wish. Nothing feels enough! We don’t like ourselves. But, things have gone worse when we don’t like ourselves. Whatever we achieve, whatever we do, there is an underlying reality in us, we can’t feel fulfilled and peaceful.

You will always be longing for something in your life: that is YOU!

“When you find yourself, your life actually will begin”

What you create in your life, what you want from your life, your health, your wealth, your relationships, everything is related to one reality: the love of yourself.

Loving yourself dissolves the limited mind, which perceives reality by identifying and separating.

It looks like we are suffering because of the split in our head and heart. We can only reach the power we have by listening to our hearts. You need to connect with your heart and tune into your own reality. In this way, you will have a totally different experience of life. When you let the divinity work through you, miracles will happen. You will reach your limitless power, have a peaceful life and celebrate the days in your life.In order to feel the connection and open your heart, you need to be open, kind to yourself, so that self-compassion can take a place.

We need to realise the power of the heart.

Close your eyes, fall in love and stay there…

The heart is a powerful energy field.

Did you know that the electrical power of the heart’s signal is up to sixty times stronger than the electrical signal of the brain. The magnetic field of the heart is 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain.

Can you imagine what you can create in your life by aligning yourself to your heart?

It’s all true. You can have the limitless and magical life you deserve.

By learning how to honor ourselves with compassion, we will become free to love.

That is what we are going to learn in this workshop.

You will learn;

  • your mind and self concept
  • who you are, your own nature and your self worth
  • to stop limiting beliefs
  • to stop negative thinking
  • to release self judgments
  • to connect with your body
  • the art of expressing “I”
  • to open your heart
  • to listen to your heart and connect with the flow
  • to fall in love with yourself no matter what!


Do you want to break the cycle of seeing the false reality about yourself and the world around you?

Do you want to explore your un-known capacity?

Do you want to live in peace and be healthy and joyful?

Then what are you waiting for?

“There is only one real investment, the investment you make in yourself”.