Freeing yourself by “Listening”

Hi Love,

I hope you are feeling good and your heart is open. If you feel clogged up because of an emotion and you feel upset, hurt or like you are not being understood then I have a meditation for you today.

Use this meditation when you feel you are right, when you want to defend yourself, when you want something from others.

There is no need to be right or wrong my dear.

Freeing yourself is the only thing that matters.

Love matters. The love towards yourself and others matters.

Let it be YOU and let others be themselves.
Allow yourself this meditation to transform you and the way you communicate with yourself and others. Remember this each time you don’t feel free. Remember to give yourself the best.

Stay with love


Take a deep breath.
Feel your body
Feel the space around you
Feel your existence in that space
Feel your heart
Imagine a light comes out from your heart and it surrounds you
Now that light gets bigger outside of you and creates a large space full of light
Now see a person in front of you that you want to listen to and understand.
Surround both of you with the light that comes from your heart
Breathe deeply
Feel that love matters
Let him or her talk to you and just listen to them
Put aside your own needs or what you want to say
Listen as if you are listening to music
Give all your attention to that person
Get out of your mind and just be available for them without judging any of their words. Even if what they say doesn’t make sense to you. Put aside your own judgments.
Accept that there is someone in front of you and they have a totally different perspective than you and that’s true.
Listen to what they are saying to you without “yourself ”being involved
Ask if there is more?

Understand that the other person needs to be understood and to be listened to
See how he or she is happy to be listened to without being interrupted.
They feel free to be themselves
They say what they want to say freely without feeling a force to prove what they think
They feel safe
They are slowly un-attaching themselves from what they are holding on to
They are no longer defending themselves
They feel intimate. There is a smile on their face
You feel intimate by being available for them and are open to hear their own truth
You sense compassion rising in you by “giving”
You let go of “what you want”; it feels so light
You both feel there is no right and wrong, there are only perspectives
It’s a space with nothing to hold on to and you let go together
It’s a space of “nothingness”
Words are meaningless there
Feel that peace
Breath deep
Let that peace surround your body
Know that you’ve healed your body
It feels open and alive
It’s being free…

Namaste ( I see the Divine in you and in me )

  • November 28, 2015
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