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“It’s a matter of re-experience”


I-flow is a non-verbal way to deal with the stress and pain by flowing and relaxing.

I-flow will lead you to be with your senses and become present.

Our body has imprints of every experience we had as a soul in every life. We carry the experience of our parents, society, and inheritance.

We carry an internal map of who we are in relationship to the world. It’s our memory system. We perceive everything with our senses and they are stored in our brain and our bodies as those sensations. What we remember the most is what is stored with high emotions at the time. Some memories will be remembered with all the facts, words, and events. Some will be stored as a high intensity of painful emotions and the details and content will be forgotten, they will be left with sensations of the memory.

These are our implicit memories and traumas. So many reactions we give, we are not aware, are triggered from the past, they are evoked by their sensations like sight, sounds or even smell.

Our brain continually forms maps of the world, maps of what is safe and what is dangerous. What we experience changes us continuously.

The main focus is to shift one’s internal experience by getting in touch with your sensations, feelings, emotions and thoughts by re-sensing and releasing it to unlock the trauma inside of you.

Re-engaging memories, thoughts and emotions is not usually something we want to do, but they are taking a huge toll on us without us being aware of the damage we do to ourselves and our bodies.

Some of us show defensive behaviour when we have painful memories because of our survival instincts as our fight-flight-freeze responses.

Most of us don’t like to talk about our emotions, because it’s painful; we ignore and suppress them. In times, by ignoring what we feel, we become distant to ourselves.

Neuroscientists found out that when we are feeling something very deeply, one particular area of the brain lights up. But when we start to talk about our painful experiences, another part of the brain lights up. Because when we talk it goes to the filter of our logical brain. However, talking about it may change and release some part of it, if we really open ourselves to the process but it’s not a total release, because in the case where we are not open or remember the details of the traumas we had, talking about it will only be a distraction. But there is a way to reach those implicit memories, without trying or thinking about it. It’s letting our bodies express the stress and the pain we have. Our bodies have the imprint of every experience we had. That’s why, the best way to deal with pain and suffering is non-verbal!

This program aims to help people to feel what they feel- to teach, “to notice what they notice” to see how things flow within themselves and to re-establish their sense of self inside.

“Very often, when people feel traumatised, their bodies can feel like they ‘re under threat”.

When we take things personally, feel unworthy, stressed, lack trust, lack safety, we defend, worry, feel irritated, numb, our bodies are triggered by the sensation that comes from our past.

This training teaches us not to be rigid with what we know, our emotions, ourselves and our lives. We flow and while we are flowing, we open ourselves up to huge potentials of life. We experience acceptance, love, compassion, peace and most importantly the joy of flowing.

In this training, we learn to move our bodies according to the sensations that are received from our bodies, express how we feel with movements and find a way to deal with it. This work releases the energy of hurt and suffering in us. The body releases the pain by sensing the next flow, this teaches us everything is moving and changing. The body is always in a state of flux. By experiencing this, we become aware that nothing is certain or will stay the same, so will your pain and stress. This is a new way of being rather than suffering.

Experience changes the brain. The brain alters itself by learning and re-wiring itself into the new experience.

Join us in an I-FLOW class.