Living Positive

Hi Love

Hope you are having a good day.Even if it’s not, breath deeply….feel that you are ALIVE!
Feel your body; it’s actually very light.
The heaviness comes from your thoughts.
They are your perceptions….and it’s only perception! It’s not you.
Feel yourself; you are light…breath deeply.

Living Positive

Great idea, isn’t it?

Some of us are aware that negative thinking is no good for us. But, it’s hard to keep it up during the day. Even though you start your day energetically and positive, you find yourself thinking negatively. When I say negative, I mean negative sometimes and feeling limited most of the time. Even if you are in the moment, you catch some limited thoughts and beliefs that come out easily, and there are moments you are not even aware of them.

It’s like there is a system inside you that mostly produces limiting thoughts. That’s right! That’s your mind!

First of all accept that…

It’s actually not negative, it’s the other side of something!

Second, accept that you can’t perceive without the other side!

So, it’s only a perception for me to perceive things.

I can’t reach my full potential without my limited perception. Let’s get this right!

This is how I perceive things and live my life.

We create everything with our thoughts. Thoughts and perceptions are energy. When I think, I create my own reality.

When I am down, feeling weak; I conjure related emotions and memories and feel more like that. I feel sad, upset, and powerless. I can’t be efficient or feel alive.

When I am angry; I call related emotions and memories and feel angrier. I create more anger and negativity in my life.

When I am happy, grounded, loving and tuned in to my nature; I call related memories and feel surrendered.

Third, negative thoughts are no good for me, it’s not good for my health, and attracts more negativity into my life.

I have negative thoughts to appreciate how good positive ones are for me.

Living Positive is a great idea!

I am sure you all want to do what’s good for you.

If you ever meditate and watch your mind. In the beginning thoughts will take you over but, when you relax and slow down, you will have a chance to watch them. They will come and go. You have a choice to be caught by your thoughts or not.

It’s your choice!

If you think you want to do the best for yourself because you deserve that, then make a conscious choice!

Make a commitment to choose to be relaxed, calm and let the limited thoughts leave you, instead of stopping at the negative station.

You are not limited. You create magnificent things in your life.

Nope, don’t underestimate even the little ones you have created and achieved.

Accept that you have been amazing by now.

When you stick to what you have done by now to be here, you will find more reasons to feel limitless.

Like attracts like!

But before that you need to believe that you have done enough and everything is going well in your life.

Like attracts like when there is a foundation. That foundation is YOU.

You need to see the truth, that what you have achieved by now is enough without doubt.

Go back to your limiting beliefs if you have doubt about not being good enough and think about where they are coming from? Who set those descriptions about being successful? Who set the rules about good enough or not enough?

You will choose what you want to believe! There is only one thing to believe. It’s YOU!

You’ve got to appreciate yourself love!

If you want to do one great thing for yourself, appreciate yourself and be very grateful even if its only being able to look at the sky!

Give yourself half a day.

Write down all the great things you have done.

Feel the gratefulness inside of you. Feel this every single day when you open your eyes.

That’s the only way to change the system-program in you (your mindset).

Then you will start living positive!

You know what the good news is?

It will grow in you! You will appreciate more and be more grateful today than yesterday. There is no going back!

Believe in yourself…you are limitless.

And don’t forget to smile…you don’t need any reason for that and you have plenty of them.

Stay in love…

Deniz x

  • November 7, 2015
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