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In our daily lives we suffer in many ways.
There is always a rush and always something that needs to be done. In this tempo we have no chance to live a life where we are present and alive. The biggest mistake we make is that we don’t look after ourselves well, physically and emotionally. We are far away from feeling ourselves, our senses to appreciate and enjoy the moment we have. We spend most of our time finding solution for the current issues or worrying about the next ones.

A tired and exhausted body is not your normal. You shouldn’t feel this way. As I always say, symptoms are messages for change. Our body is so intelligent and has an unbelievable tendency to heal itself. It will send you messages to guide you to the best for yourself. Slow down….and hear them.

The aim of this workshop is to be mindful and pay attention to your body and increase your awareness about the food you eat and provide some details about your eating habits.

I am giving a lot of information and strategies to make you start a life you deserve.

It’s your body, so own it – give it good attention. You don’t need any more motivation or reason than that!

Further information on this event will be released soon.