Trusting life

I believe some words are Magical…

They are like a key to the heart!

You feel like you’re dissolving…

You’re changing form…


Say it ‘I trust life’…

Hi Love,

I can’t explain the extent of my happiness at starting my very first article; yet it’s also one of the mantra’s of my life.

I like to think more like ‘ it will happen the way that suits my best interest’ rather than ‘What am I going to do, if this doesn’t happen”. There is something about being positive that takes you to a peaceful place, and it’s your heart’s desire.

When you are positive- your thoughts, words, feelings and actions are positive – you are in Wonderland (in the flow or connected to the source of universal energy which is your soul’s natural frequency) where you can create anything you want!

When you are in a negative state, you adopt a fear based thinking. This is a place where you feel insecure and need to control your situation. It feels like “that’s what you should be doing” or if you don’t do anything you will fail. I want to take your attention to your emotional grasping in certain situations, not your actions. You put extra energy into fear and worrying and you run from this energy. There is no sense of acceptance about the possible outcome or your intentions. Outcomes would either happen the way you want or not. In this acceptance there is a strong surrendering to the way. That’s the way of your goodness.

When you are negative, you are not in your natural frequency which means you are creating unwanted results based on fear. In addition to that, you create patterns of fear based around thinking which will repeat itself over and over again as a result of this, you will find yourself choosing the same path and making the same or similar decisions again.

So you don’t want to do that!

You want to stay in Wonderland, don’t you?

Then stay positive and in your natural frequency!

But how?

By understanding the reason for your fear. You need to ask yourself what’s the
fear or what’s the wrong belief underneath which caused this negative based
thinking? When did you stop believing in yourself? There is work to do. You may
prefer to release this energy by finding out what it is or by changing your
perspective to goodness. Or both.. I want to take you to another perspective.

Let’s get back to your heart’s desire because that’s where your intentions

Have you thought about what’s your heart desire?

Your heart wants to be peaceful, it wants to trust what it is and be safe, then it will be open and flourish.

Think about a situation in your life that you are worrying about and constantly thinking about and ask yourself what you should be doing? Does this feel heavy in you? Does this hold your mind constantly there and make you tired?

Yes it does…

Now, say, ’ I trust that life will give me the best choices for my situation’. And breathe this mantra in a couple of times.

I want you to feel the energy that is released from your body and the magical sense of surrender when you say this mantra. A place where all your concerns and worries go away, and is replaced with a powerful sense of trust.

In this way, you don’t change your current situation, but you separate yourself by changing how you deal with it. How about no matter what, you choose your goodness, peace and trust?

Do you feel a sense of worth?

You deserve the best!

How does that feel?

Fantastic, doesn’t it?

Because you said the magical word, you are automatically in Wonderland where life will take care of everything.

Now, I want you to be very open and aware…because you will start to get answers, messages that will tell you immediately which direction to go in or what to do. These messages will come to you in every way. And when you start getting messages and trusting them more, you will strengthen your connection with life’s energy. The more you trust, the easier you will get messages about your questions or issues.

This is a world, a space for Dreamers…

When you ask and trust with all your heart, you will get the answers.

And when you stop asking what to do about a certain issue in your life, that means that you are right there- in Wonderland -with your heart’s desire and you know what to do.

Let me know about the ‘Magic’ that you create in your life… I would love to hear from you.

Stay in love…

Deniz x



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June 23, 2016

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June 29, 2016

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