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image002“Where do I start… Deniz is kindness, encouragement and wisdom personified. She is such a beautiful person and a source of positive energy. Meeting her changed my life, and the way I see myself in this world.

She lifted me up, when I was down, and made me see myself and the world around me differently.

Deniz is an absolutely gorgeous person inside and out, a beautiful and powerful mentor. If I did not know better, I would think she is an angel having descended to earth, who touches you with her love and insight…or maybe she is…who knows….”

Kristina, Counsellor




Excellent! Fantastic coach. Helpful, enthusiastic & so much knowledge & experience. Deniz helped me to find myself and maybe more importantly to believe in myself again. It feels amazing!

If you are looking to change your life, Deniz will inspire you and make you feel wonderful about who you really are.

Andrea, Marketing Professional





Deniz is one of the most motivating, confident and inspirational people I know. Her attitude is to live each day with energy and positivity, face your challenges head on and do what needs to be done to get the results that you need to lead a full and happy life.

Georgie, Business Owner Balmoral Style




‘Befriending with Deniz has been a life changing experience for me. I am grateful for her support and encouragement during my difficult times when I experienced many challenges in all fronts.

Deniz is talented, passionate, highly knowledgeable and experienced. She often goes out of her way to help others which I really appreciate and find inspiring.’



Deniz loves you deeply. Her reflection of your life is a precious light. She holds your hands at the right moment and you hear the right words and questions, which make you, realise life-saving truths about yourself.

 Betul- Managing Director


Deniz is one of the most uplifting souls I have met; she seems to have some magical way of speaking to people. Not only that but also just the melody in her voice. It’s something that existed from birth. When she was coaching me, I felt instantaneous soothing, it’s like a medicinal quality. Deniz is very much like a healer and I feel her connection with people is truly strong. She sees beauty and equality in every single person. I have only wonderful things to say about this Lovely Amazing Lady.

Jade – Former Model

Several years ago, I developed a health problem and was fortunate enough to meet Deniz Gokturk. Deniz’s profound knowledge of nutrition and its relationship to health, plus her practical cooking ideas have helped me to recover, and regain my previous vitality and energy. She was able to give me specific advice about which nutrients I needed for my particular health issue, and provide recipes for easy and superbly tasty meals! My family is also eating better. She is living proof of the importance of good nutrition to optimal health.

 Stephanie – Veterinarian


What Deniz creates here is a powerful doorway to a practical personal growth and development. In the light of her challenging life story and profound personal experiences, and, of course, her big heart willing to share all of these with people, as well as her professional backround leads her to establish a guideline to people for their own spiritual awakenings based on love, co-operation and appreciation.

Z.Banu Gürün Regression Consultant (Professional Earth member), Shamanic Journey Practitioner

Thank you for your recommendations on the best combination of super foods, all the effort and research you have taken to put together. Your recipes taste wonderful and are easy to follow and are really great for working mums. Thank you for your many wise words to address the stress of daily life.

 Tiffany – Lawyer