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12 Transforming Teachings Program


I designed ‘ The 12 Transforming Teachings’ for whoever is looking for radical changes in their life; they have struggled enough and created unnecessary pain, and for who is lost, trapped in their own dilemma, no power and don’t know what to do? This can be any area in our life; career, goals, relationship, health, wellness, personal and spiritual development etc.


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Life is getting busier and we want to achieve more which means we put more pressure on our shoulders. Nothing feels like its enough! A lot of blame is in the air, I am not…. or the other person… or a situation…Not much satisfaction or gratitude, not because we don’t want them, but, we can’t reach them. Things are happening in one-way or another, we experience… learn lessons… or not, and move on. But, it looks like things are repeating themselves and we find ourselves in similar situations, or things are changing a little bit but the results don’t satisfy us. Maybe we are stuck in a situation that we can’t do anything about and we feel weak and unhappy. Maybe, there is no balance in our lives because we are unhappy in one area and we give all our energy to the other area or areas of our life while ignoring the area that need work. You are not close to people around you, you feel lonely.

Sometimes, we look for solutions, start new hobbies or habits or we buy things to distract us from the idea that we are not happy. New starts, new toys, new beginnings make us happy for a while, but we end up in the same scenarios. The reason for this, you run from something (your mind) inaccurate! You need to get to understand how you are functioning!

There is so much information, plenty of ideas, hundreds of wise words out there. Some of us can hear them and make changes and look for solutions. In that way, we go behind one idea and another, maybe that makes us more confused and sometimes leads us to undesirable paths.

Basically, most of us are looking for some radical changes in our life. But, don’t know where to start. Which area-s in your life needs attention? What should the knowledge be for you? If you know what to do and how you can apply them and how they going to work for you?

It’s quiet normal to confuse in these days when we are bombarded from all different areas of life. Everyone tells you ‘make change’ and try to sell a package to you for you to improve yourself.

I suggest you to look for one thing! It’s not the specific areas of your life. Put aside everything you want life to give you. It’s nothing about outside of you. Go behind your own reality to make sense your life. This will give you every potential without a limit. I am telling you ‘ you have an amazing potential in you which is un-manifested for you at the moment’.

If you are ever going to make one investment in your life, this would be the best option for you to start to uncover your own potential.

“Know thyself” Socrates

I designed ‘ The 12 Transforming Teachings’ for whoever is looking for radical changes in their life; they have struggled enough and created unnecessary pain, and for who is lost, trapped in their own dilemma, no power and don’t know what to do? This can be any area in our life; career, goals, relationship, health, wellness, personal and spiritual development etc.

This work will explain everything in great detail so it’s simple to understand if you are just starting to know yourself. Also there is a great amount of work for advanced spiritual people. Everyone will get whatever they need from this work.

In this program, I will guide you through 12 intelligent teachings that will create a big transformation in your life, fill the gaps of not knowing what to do and get your magnificent power back!
You will be getting every one of them each month with all the knowledge behind it. I will explain, give examples and stretch the realities in every area of your life, so that, you can use them effectively.

My aim in this work is to guide you to your own reality and from there to find the peace in you. Peace is your own natural state of being. I want to guide you there so that you can live a life alive, limitless, and magical.

Why this program works? 

If you are here and reading this, you are looking for a change which means you have the intention to change the way you are going. So, it will work for you!

These teachings are not solutions! They are realities. Every one of them will touch your heart and find a way through in this area of your life where you are looking for answers. They come from the ‘source’ of the universe/s.

Realities will create breakthroughs in your life, so you will have great understanding about your past, while you are making connections with your present situation. You will have a better idea about your own ‘story’ in your mind.

When you have a better understanding about your own ‘story’, your addictions will be revealed, they will become obvious in your life and show you in which ways you are outsourcing your own responsibility and control of your life.

You are part of the universal mind that is working through you. Teachings are magical, it will connect you to the universal mind with more awareness, so that you can use these teachings to make your way lighter and make the journey more exciting.

These teachings are all going to connect to each other and meet in one place. It’s YOU…no matter what the situation is, you will find your way through. There will be real connection with life which is alive, you will experience a different happiness and peace which will stay with you and within your awareness.

These teachings are going to redefine and emphasise love, respect, kindness and compassion towards yourself first and the other people around you. You will heal yourself, repair situations and in this way help others to heal themselves.
You will declutter your life and your mind from unnecessary actions, thoughts, emotions and feelings, instead, you will be clear about what needs to be done and what matters to you.

They are important teachings for your life, so it needs significant attention! For that reason, I have made one per month, so that you can work each day with your full attention and intention! 30 days focused on one teaching! If you do that the teaching will stay with you forever. Once you consolidate, you will apply! If you don’t apply these teachings it’s because of your procrastination! I won’t leave you with that. You will know that you are resisting but, it won’t take a lot of time and you will go back and apply what needs to be done. You can’t turn your back on reality! It’s in your consciousness now!


What is this program about?


This program, “12 teachings” covers all the areas of your life where you can use these tools at any moment. They are crucial!

This program is a combination of many disciplines that have existed from the beginning of the universe. Also, it comes from scientific facts and my own life experiences and channeling.

It is all about YOU, your true connection with yourself and your life experiences; your past, your current experiences and your possibilities.

It’s about your relationship with yourself, and through that, the relationship with the world around you.

It’s about learning what you want and attracting them to your life.

It’s your life purpose, gaining clarity about your true nature. Your potential. Your abundance. Your power. Your joy. Your peace.

It’s about a new way of living, but this time using your intelligence and creating an intelligent life for yourself and other people.

It’s about showing you where you are trapped and repeating the same patterns in your life now and showing you new possibilities, which are beyond limitations.

It’s about the love and love for yourself through ultimate acceptance and nurturing your soul.

It’s about creating a peaceful life with full trust that doesn’t depend on anything.

It’s about coming to an understanding of how precious your life is through all the teachings and by letting go.

Are you ready to take your life to a new level?

Imagine how your transformed life would be within a year? You will feel alive, peaceful, and limitless by creating an intelligent version of


It’s just a ‘choice’ away from you that needs your intention to stop limited, powerless life and take full control of your new un-manifested potential.

Do you want to make that choice?

You are everything you want to be,
stop separating yourself and just choose to be..



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