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Yes, here we are…

Let me show you how simply “paying attention” can create a transformation in your life and help you become a better human being for your own wellbeing and for the people you care about. You will learn new skills that allow you to focus on your own nature. This can change the structure of your brain in a way that can help with a wide range of problems, including medical symptoms, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, chronic pain, eating disorders, relationships, work and life events. Engaging with your own being will open you up to a greater focus, calm and peace. It’s a new way of being.

Come and work with me privately or join me in the Mindfulness Meditation classes or in the workshops and learn how knowing who you are can change the rest of your life!

Are you ready for a life that is ALIVE, magical, limitless, peaceful and full of love? I will guide you to that experience…

I want you to surrender to the process. Relax and let go. I want you to open a space inside you for the “new” to come in…

This process will definately blow your mind in relation to who you think you are – and who you really are!

‘The reason you can’t find peace, is you can’t find it in your unconscious mind!’

Basically, the way you live your life is not more than a perception of a trained mind. You run and live your life from data, that isn’t even accurate and doesn’t belong to you. So, we can say that the mind is unconscious, until you use your consciousness and your awareness. This is a matter of changing your perception. When you upgrade from the old data to a higher version, your perception about yourself and the world around you will change and find peace just right here, in yourself.

Your mind follows patterns mostly created in your early years. Whenever you perceive something through your senses, it needs to be processed by the same or similar data to find out what to do, to be able to give a meaning. It’s like a record and it goes over and over again. It uses similarities in the events and connects the related feelings and memories with the same beliefs again and again. In one way, you THINK that you are alive in this way. For that reason, you constantly spend your time trying to control everything, so that you are in a pattern that you know or you desire. If you don’t know (uncertainty) you think you will end. That’s the biggest “fear” we have, and that belongs to our EGO- our unconscious mind.

You are not your mind!

You are ALIVENESS which has INFINITE possibilities, beyond TIME and the CREATOR of your destiny. Your reality has nothing to do with YOUR MIND which is limited by an old record and creates similar situations every time.

Most people live a life from their unconscious mind without knowing who they really are. They assume that life is something you suffer more than being happy and peaceful. Unfortunately, what a waste for us!

If you look carefully at the core of your fear, you will see there is nothing actually there, there is no end really. Things change forms, you, nature and everything you perceive is evolving, moving and it’s natural. When you resist the natural flow of life, you won’t be peaceful. If you learn how to surrender to everything and the natural cycle of life, you will find the peace.

There is peaceful living, with limitless potentials in life and it is alive-present. An authentic and intimate life that you deserve is here now!

Let me guide you there…

You are here and you have a list of things about yourself, things to do and changes to make, right? Let me explain why you have made that list…
Up until now, you have believed in the things that you think you want right now. This can be about anything you want. You want them because that’s what you think you feel or this is what you feel you should want, or because you believe that they will complete you or give you an identity or just make you happy and secure – or because you think that’s just the way it is.

But this is “changing the natural flow of your life” – pushing and forcing yourself into a model or to be someone that you are not! And that’s why you are not happy or peaceful in your life.

Let me give you a simple example about how your mind is working right now. Think about something from your list. Let’s say you want to lose weight (I am giving this example on purpose, because it touches my heart that the younger generations are going through body image issues), you may also believe that being skinny looks good, and you think that you might feel more confident about yourself and have better relationships etc. At the same time, the media reminds you about your body image all the time, it bombards you, telling you how you are supposed to look, everyone around you eats food that sets a bad example for you. In between all of this, you start to create the belief that nothing is enough. You are not looking good enough; whenever you see a skinny person, you feel less; you don’t have enough willpower, even – taking it further – you are not smart enough. As a result of this, you don’t love yourself. You don’t feel confident about yourself; this also affects your relationships. That is only a simple example of your perceptions about life, when there is a trigger around you. This can be someone that has a successful image in your head and you compare yourself with that person. A woman with a stellar career, a sucsessful father, a great mum with a successful business, a colleague, a couple you think they have the perfect relationship, someone in the same profession as you or it can be just what everyone is doing-having etc. It’s all happening in less than a second in your mind and as a result of this you are not happy. If you look carefully, you will find the same behaviours and perceptions in every area of your life.

Ask yourself who told you that being skinny is something that’s good or important, or working hard makes you successful or multi tasking will save you time and take you where you want? Who decided on this conclusion? It possesses you -as an adjective, which also changes everyone’s perception about your self-image and makes you unhappy when you have precious moments in life. Would it still be a big issue for you, or something you want to reach when you only have one month left to live? Use this perspective for other limiting beliefs about yourself.

Actually, in one way you do this for a good reason – to find the real YOU, which is complete and needs nothing. But the place where you are looking for this reality is wrong, because it is ‘outside’ you. You are trying to match yourself to examples from an illusionairy world that you have created in the belief that you are not enough and look for things outside of you! That world is a complete illusion, and it will keep repeating itself as it tries to fix and change you, based on your belief that ‘that’s not enough’. We all do this –it’s our big agreement and contract in this life. That’s our destiny! That’s the reason why we are here! Life needs to teach us first who we are not: THE STORY, before we learn who we truly are!

FIRST, I want to go through two very important questions with you: ”What do you want?” and ”Why do you want it?”

Oohh this is the best part!

I can hear your answers – but they are created by your mind, not by the real YOU!

The mind is telling you to fix yourself, nothing is enough, you are not good enough. So you made your list from the belief that there is a lot about yourself to fix. And you spend all your time fixing the pain you have now, or had in the past, and try to make your future better so that you end up somewhere that you want to be. That’s what your mind does all the time!

What’s the evolutionary purpose for this?

To experience our own full potential and know who we really are. For that reason, we need to arrive at this point from the opposite direction. Experiencing the opposite is needed to create a breakthrough in our lives (Duality-seperation). We needed to be seperated first to experience the reality of ourselves. We’ll stay with the mind/ego, suffer, then release it…That’s the natural flow of our lives. I want you to look at the resistance that you have created in your life and also look at your suffering, your stresses, unhealthiness, restlessness, numbness and unhappiness. There is something interesting here– you have all this suffering while you are desperately trying to be happy and peaceful. You need a hand!

I will help you to heal yourself and guide you to the wisdom which you already have inside you, that you can apply to your life and be able to stretch this wisdom to every area of your life.

There is no ‘fixing’ in this work. You learn about yourself/your ego, recognise the voice in your head and also connect to your being, to who you really are. You don’t supress or push the things away that appear in your life. You will learn how to separate yourself from an issue, person or situation and put your own wisdom into it and make a choice from there. In that way you are not stuck in your fixing story and pain over and over again.You will learn how to stop automatic thoughts, patterns and learn to pause in between your thought processes. That’s where you place your awareness. When you don’t resist yourself, you surrender and you will start to see the things in a very different way. Then you can achieve your heart’s wish. Heart’s wishes aren’t interested in outcomes. You are just happy and peaceful with what you do and there is not even a list anymore, you know that “wantingness” is not your nature or will not take you anywhere other than into pain.

‘There is nowhere to reach to become someone, you are everything you want in your life’.

It is your journey to reach the real you. That’s the precious part of it. You are experiencing and knowing about your own nature during this journey.

If you look back at your memories, you will realise and remember that the power comes from within you. That is the real achievement. In the end, it doesn’t matter if your outcomes happened or not. (Wanting outcomes is another face of your mind; it comes from the fear of ending). Instead, you have seen the power inside you while you get through to it. That’s what is amazing! That’s the real YOU! You are here to experience the amazing YOU through life events and every opportunity that connects to the real YOU.

This is where the peace starts, and it will take you to loving relationships, feeling alive, being healthy and energetic, to the higher creativity, an authentic life. Most importantly, you will start to feel unstoppable joy inside you and be grateful about every part of your life! This is the real EXPERIENCE! This is the new way of living your life. You will take care of yourself! Yes, you hear right..You will take care of yourself! When you look at where you are spending your time right now – on so many unnecessary things in your head, trust me love, you’ll find plenty of time for yourself.

Let’s do this together. You know you can do it! And you can do this effortlessly…

You make the list…

These qualities are not just going to be titles. You will learn not to separate yourself from the real meaning of these qualities- you are going to BE those qualities. There is no effort in this experience. They will resonate in you. That’s a totally different experience. You don’t try to be…you are the original of everything! So it will stay with you forever, because it’s real.

Have you ever before experienced your body filled with the strongest nutrients, so that you can feel vibrant energy in all of your body parts? I want to show you how.

Surrender…It’s all yours love…

My teaching is for whoever is looking for some REALITY not just solutions!! If you are looking for some real changes then there is no delaying what needs to be done…

This must be a time just for yourself. A time to get to know yourself better and to reach the treasure within you! This must be a time when you are not creating excuses… But instead, a time to be open and to see your own naked reality!

Starting first with yourself, you will find real LOVE in every area of your life. Then aliveness will arise within you. No matter what’s happening in your life, you have strength, trust, love and acceptance of yourself. You will be fully connected to your inner voice and guidance that tells you what to do! And you will listen!… your decision and actions will be based on connection, LOVE

You will be in LOVE with yourself and your life so that you won’t need things to change or improve for you to be happy. And you will not need anything from outside to complete you. When you are YOU, you don’t feel guilty about your choices or actions. Wherever you are, you are happy, content and whole…

Are you ready for a life that is ALIVE, magical, limitless, peaceful and full of love? I will guide you to that experience…

Then, SURRENDER to the process, love… And take action towards your INTENTION…

What are your options:

This is for you if you are looking for some quick clarity in your life. This can be about yourself, your life, relationships, family, career or an idea that you want to follow up on, or a situation that you are stuck in and you just want to clear your head. This can be couple of a sessions or just a quick tasty shot!

What’s included:
60 minutes of my gentle help and expertise face to face or via Skype.

Contact Deniz to book your session click here.

This is for you if you are looking for some fundamental changes in your life. The aim of this work is to connect you to ALIVENESS. This is your deepest heart wish! You will be present, alive, and attentive to what’s here. An authentic and intimate life you deserve is here now, waiting for you to join. It’s your life and it’s so precious.

In these sessions there is no structured work. It’s your time, your needs, your reality. It can be about anything to do with you: your story, your relationships-family, marriage, kids (any age group), guiding teenagers, your spiritual development, your goals, your business, your career, your lifestyle, and your health. It can be about finding what you really want to do, finding your passion, reaching your higher creativity, anything you want. It’s tailor made work, just for you…After we work together, trust me love, you won’t have any questions left in your head about who you were before, what happend and why it happend or who you will be. You will turn a new page and start really living! It’s for ultimate clarity about how you want to live your life…

What’s included:

1. 30 minute quick session about your needs and intentions.
2. 12 sessions of 60 minutes each, face to face or via Skype.
3. My ‘12 Transforming Teachings’ e-book. You will receive one teaching for every month.
4. Email support between sessions.
5. My ‘Super Ingredients’ e-book that has plenty of information about health, nutrients and diet. Delicious, easy-to-do recipes, including meal plans, shoping list, pantry list.
6. Practical tips, tricks, routines, solutions and resources for your lifestyle.
7. My Meditation audio ‘Feel the Peace’.
8. My gentle, commited expertise to help you to CELEBRATE this life

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