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Without doubt there is a frantic world around us. Our mind goes on and on from one thing to another so that we can’t be present and have a connection with ourselves.

Mindfulness meditation is a practice that can give you what’s missing in your life. That is: Peace. Peace is our natural state. Mindfulness meditation can create that sacred bridge in us again. It helps us evolve and practice how we wake up our hearts to be able to sense our interconnection to goodness and aliveness.

There is no failure in this practice. As soon as you reconnect with your heart, you will have clarity in your life.

To start your weekly Mindfulness Meditation, book into our classes.

Awareness workshop will blow your mind!

It’s about you, your reality and your life!

Simple facts, experiences and more…

You will walk out from this workshop totally different!

Come and experience this with us.

“Love is the bridge between you and everything”

This workshop is going to question how you live within yourself?
It will reconnect you with your own nature, which is present, open, peaceful and joyful.

The aim of this workshop is to be mindful and pay attention to your body and increase your awareness about the food you eat and provide some details about your eating habits.

I am giving a lot of information and strategies to make you start a life you deserve.

Is there anything better than being surrounded by like-minded people?

Support is everything. Connection means a lot.

Imagine a room full of lovely people, they connect, share and encourage each other.

In Self Love Meetings you can share your ideas, share your story, and present your business. This is a very wholehearted environment.

We’ll start with our amazing “Self Love Meditation” and follow it with an affirmation of the day and the very fun Angel cards.

After that, the stage is yours if you want to share anything with a room of open-minded people. Even a great product, idea, a place to visit etc. It feels amazing to recognise the love and intimacy in the room and also the feeling of positive influence they provide. This energy is so important and beneficial to your intentions.

Would you like to join this positive resonance field? Why wait then?

“It’s a matter of re-experience”

I-flow is a non-verbal way to deal with the stress and pain by flowing and relaxing.

I-flow will lead you to be with your senses and become present.